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Jim's classic about adolescence in the 1960's, Morte D'Eden, or Tom Sawyer Meets The Rolling Stones, has just been re-launched (6/1/2014) by Jim's publisher, Beach House Books, an imprint of Science and Humanities Press. MDE is now available in Kindle and ebook editions as well as in its traditional format. And at $2.99, it's a great buy! 


Articles about Jim, Interviews with Jim


Jim's article on paid book reviews,  "Authors and Reviewers: Our New Criminal Culture"; Jim's essay on university writing programs, "Literary Minutiae at the Present Time"; Jim's interview at Lullaby Pit, "Twenty-two Questions"; Original press release for The New Southern Gentleman; Original press release for Completeness of the Soul; Article on Jim Booth and the writing of Completeness of the Soul from Scholars and Rogues; an article, "Southern Rock Stardom, Postmodernism, and the Persistence of Memory," on the genesis of Completeness of the Soul...


Reviews of Jim's Work


Typical reviews of Jim's novel The New Southern Gentleman may be found here and here. Reviews of Completeness of the Soul may be found here and here and here. Jim's first book, Morte D'Eden, or Tom Sawyer Meets the Rolling Stones, has recently been re-released - now in e-book form for the first time! Reviews of MDE will appear here shortly.


Jim's Writing on the Web

Jim writes regularly for the national blog of ideas and culture, Scholars and Rogues. He also keeps a personal blog, The New Southern Gentleman, where he encourages readers to check in to view works-in-progress. His short stories and essays have appeared in numerous on-line journals such as storySouth, Dead Mule, Pig Iron Malt, Dew on the Kudzu, and many others.


Jim the Musician

Jim was a former touring rock musician. You can find out about his band, Backyard Tea, here and here. His sons Josh and Trevor are currently in the music business. You can find them here and here

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