Jim Booth is the author of three critically acclaimed books, including the "novel in stories" Morte D'Eden, or Tom Sawyer Meets The Rolling Stones; the satirical novel of manners The New Southern Gentleman; and his newest "story collection/concept album," Completeness of the Soul: The Life and Opinions of Jay Breeze, Rock Star

Completeness of the Soul:The Life and Opinions of Jay Breeze, Rock Star


Bridging audience and artist, persona and man, musician and muse, reader and unflinchingly rendered character, [Completeness] arranges Jay's woeful, passionate lyrics into a haunting, heartbreaking song.

"Jim seems to have found a unique way to illuminate the interior voice of fame. A way to convey the pros and cons of walking the tightrope of celebrity while offering an accurate glimpse into the heart of that life." Don Dixon

The New Southern Gentleman


Daniel Randolph Deal is a Southern aristocrat having the required bloodline but little of the nobility. A man resistant to the folly of ethics, he prefers a selective, self-indulgent morality.... It's nothing more than bravado and Dan understands this, though little else.... ​Uncertain truths about love and honor gradually surface, each forming a fuller, clearer tableau of Dan Deal and his station as The New Southern Gentleman

"Booth's writing flexes its satirical muscles best when he describes the illusory importance of an undefined code of behavior by which Dan Deal must live his life.... In other words...Deal is a ...smug, self-satisfied elitist...." PopMatters

Morte D'Eden or Tom Sawyer Meets the Rolling Stones


Morte D'Eden explores the impact of the turmoil of the 1960's on a small Southern town. In a series of interconnected stories that evoke comparisons to Winesburg, Ohio, a recurring character, Charlie Beagle comes of age amid changes in race relations and generational angst, all to a sound track of classic rock.

"...a bittersweet chronicle of...the search for love and meaning...a convincing record of one generation...." Michael Lund